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Equine and K9 Services

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Our Goal

Sigma Elite for your Athlete's Care Supporting the Rider and their PartnerSupporting the Breeder of the Next Top AthletesSupporting Your Equine AthleteSupporting Your K9 AtheleteProviding Lessons and Training


Sigma Elite provides services to fit a variety of needs. We look to support your athletes with holistic care, diagnostics, and rehabilitation, and your breeding program with mobile imaging and breeding consultations. SE supports the athlete owner and competitor, breeder, rider, and their K9 and Equine partners.

Sigma Elite's goal is to provide 360 degree care and support for owners, riders and their K9 and equine athletes and producers. SE has personal experience in K9 and equine sports and breeding; therefore SE understand the dynamics and complexity of training, competing, and producing the next athletes.


Sigma Elite is based in Southern California. SE serves locations from Pasedena, Los Angelos, and San Bernardino to Murrieta and Orange County. Greater distances can be serviced upon request.